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Communications strategy and implementation


I’ve helped a range of business including Dow Plastics, Kärcher UK, ICI, Cargill and Ravensburger communicate with their customers in a variety of ways, including conference and exhibition support, seminars, trade media relations, newsletters, brochure and video production and more.


I have considerable experience in helping corporate communications departments relate to affiliates, and have devised and managed such programmes for Baxter, Gillette and ex-BP company Nutreco.

I have also developed corporate communications strategies, managed key message and positioning development, led corporate media relations programmes and supported businesses in dealing with highly sensitive issues.


I understand that successful businesses must work in harmony with the people around them, particularly if they operate in sensitive areas such as manufacturing, mining, quarrying, chemical production or healthcare for example.

I’ve developed community relations programmes for a variety of businesses, and dealt with high profile local issues and media relations on a number of sensitive subjects.


I’ve worked with a wide range of organisations to help them reach their ultimate customer, the consumer, including Gillette, Kärcher,
Ravensburger, and GR Lane Health Products.


Keeping employees informed and onside is crucial for all organisations, both in the good times and the bad. My experience includes researching and writing a global newsletter for ICI, running internal focus groups for a health service organisation, managing a range of internal newsletters for a variety of hospital trusts including Stoke Mandeville and managing communications around issues and major restructuring programmes.


A fundamental part of any communications programme is to define a clear position, supported by credible and motivating messages that are easily understood and retained. I can help to take a wealth of information and distil it into core messages. I’ve also run positioning and message development programmes that go on to form the basis of communications programmes and projects.


I’ll begin by reviewing business and marketing objectives and then work with an organisation to create a communications strategy and plan to meet these objectives. One of the most effective ways to do this is to run a workshop that will work through objectives, audiences, messages and tactics to result in a clearly defined communications plan that has the all important buy-in of the participants.


I‘ve written and researched for everything including press releases, feature articles, brochures, newsletters, annual reports and business plans. I can also develop key-note speeches and presentations.

Kirsten Parrish, Public Relations Consultant